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Sigma3000 23-04-2019 21:15

SIGMA 3000 V6 estate
Evening, my first post on here and in this thread, I've got a 96 estate with a 6g72 engine with a manual gearbox, I've had it 6 years and never seen one in the flesh, one was photographed down in Plymouth and another sold at auction in Scotland, has anyone seen one and/or know where one is located, would like to chat with another owner about spares and maintenance issues so any help would be much appreciated. I would post a picture but haven't worked out how to yet!

strange_days_uk 24-04-2019 08:54

download tapatalk app, and you can upload pictures with ease.

RaeTurbo 26-08-2019 18:19

Looking forward to seeing this��

Sigma3000 26-08-2019 22:00

Sorry for the delay, my old phone didn't seem to like Tapatalk, I must try and get some photos sorted, she is minging at the moment, I need to cut her back and buff her up.... been saying that for quite a while now, it will happen one day...

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