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JaEvo 20-11-2014 19:18

Evo 6 TME Suspension Recommendations
Hey guys,

I have a Tommi Makinen in Jamaica and have a blown left front shock that I'm looking to replace. I can't seem to find any replacements locally so I'm probably gonna have to source from the US.

Basic Info:
-2000 Evolution 6 TME
-Basically Stock
-Front Half Rollcage
-Tyre- Falken ZIEX ZE912 235/45ZR17 94W
-100% Daily Driver (rough roads)
-Moderate Budget

-I was told that evo 7/8/9 shocks would fit the TME; however, I'm assuming I would need the evo 9 upper mounts and evo 9 springs. Would the evo 6 springs work?
-Do you guys have any after market recommendations?
-I was looking at the Bilstein B6 and Bilstein HD or Tein Street Coilovers, Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers, Megan Racing Street Coilovers
-Does it make sense to have the front two be Bilstein shocks with the factory TME shock in the rear? Or should I just change all four at the same time?
-Shocks or Coilovers?

I wish I could buy a used set from the UK but I'm certain shipping would be quite expensive vs coming from the US.

super rover 20-11-2014 21:05

789 shocks will fit but youll need a spacer kit to make them work but YEAH the spring and top mount will be OK
theres LOADS of aftermarket stuff out there depending on your budjet
bilstien stuff very good and quite robust for your rougher roads
NO dont mix and match fron at rear dampers its nto good and can have you hanging out a hedge in no time
shipping costs can be sensible if the dealer you buy them from is capable of finding some good deals

JaEvo 20-11-2014 22:05

Thanks Super Rover. I'll look into the shipping charges. Great to know that the 6 upper mounts will work with a 9 strut.

nzlowie 12-06-2019 22:54

Hi guys
Just picked up a 6.5 TME so will have many questions for you guys.....

First is a carry on from this thread. My car has non standard coilovers and I want to return it to stock. Easiest way I can see is to just use normal Evo 6 struts, realise there will be a difference in spring rate and maybe dampening but I'll have to live with that.

Someone told me the 5-9 front struts are interchangeable but not the rear, is this correct?

Maybe I could get standard struts then get the correct spring rates installed....

Appreciate any suggestions, new to Evo's so a lot to learn!

Cheers Dave

alpinaturbo 13-06-2019 05:36

Ohlins R&T are universal no-risk choice.
Anything else is compromise.

nzlowie 13-06-2019 21:09

Stock solution? Trying to get away from the modified appearance.

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madmatt 14-06-2019 09:01

I have Bilstein B14 on my Evo 6, it sits lower than standard, but the ride is good. Not much different from stock.

Clivew 14-06-2019 20:50


Originally Posted by nzlowie (Post 6182175)
Stock solution? Trying to get away from the modified appearance.

Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk

With Ohlins you can adjust the ride height to stock apperance, and experience a big improvement in suspension performance.

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