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6evo 06-09-2017 20:46

Brake fluid advice
I upgraded the brakes on my vi about 2 years ago to pagid rs15 pads all round, hel lines and motul rbf600 fluid, I am about to do another track day and wanted to know if I should replace all the fluid or just bleed some through? Also should I start with the calliper furthest from the master cylinder to nearest? Also on the fronts is it the inner or outer nipple first?

robert12345 06-09-2017 21:39

I would bleed a fair amount though to make sure you have got any moisture out of the brake system. And yes start from the furthest brake caliper first then work your way back to the closest one to the master cylinder . And do the out side nipple first on the brake calipers .i always bleed a good amount of brake fluid before every event on my rally car with new motul rbf600

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