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terrys131 19-08-2019 14:43

Long Term Lancer Reliability
I want awd but still want the drive style of a sedan, I like the style, and frankly, to save money. I would be in the market for a 2013+ Lancer GTS awc with the 2.4.

People sh*t massively on Mitsu everyday for not innovating, but for me that is neither here nor there as I like the Lancer for its price point.

I can't seem to find many forums and actual long term user reviews so what do you any of you owners have to say about long term reliability of these? I heard Mitsu has an engine failure rate higher than other manufacturers?

PaulS 21-08-2019 14:03

Hi Terry,

Seems you are in the wrong forum here - this is the forum for the 1980 rear wheel drive Lancer Turbo which was in use some 10 years before the first Evo.... and now the best part of 40 years old. Is that what you mean by reliable?. We never had any AWD models.....

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