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Coleman468 25-03-2020 23:40

Sealant - manifold Studs

Can someone who has fitted their own manifold studs or had problem with leaking tell me what sealant you used? I am going to be fitting a JMF manifold to my 8 with new studs and believe one or more are in a oil passageway and want to get it right first time. I have looked at the Loctite website, read a few data sheets and googled a few answers and Loctite 243 seems to be a good product for the job. Any suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance!

TimC 26-03-2020 09:58

Loctite 5990 or Red RTV after looking at Clive’s posts

TrickyDick 26-03-2020 11:23

I had a very loose stud that was a problem and my tuner suggested using some ptfe tape (plumbers tape) as well as sealant. This did the trick for me.

Coleman468 26-03-2020 12:18

Hmm interesting that them two are suggested when they both read up as gasket makers not thread sealers like loctite 243 for example. I understand Clive to be very well trusted and have read his posts ECT before So I am I no way saying anything against his recommendation just curious.

What kind of temps are we talking the studs will see in a rough temp range understand different conditions may change this. As they sit largely in the head i assume temps will be significantly lower than the exhaust to turbo studs for example.

Thanks for replies ��

TrickyDick 26-03-2020 17:06

You are looking to create a seal rather than locking the thread so a high temp gasket sealant should be good. I used what I had used on rocker cover. The temp of the head should be around oil and/or water temp, at least towards the inside side of stud.

Coleman468 26-03-2020 21:10

Make sense I guess. I have read a few topics last few days where people had noted that when they checked the studs they found they were loose so was looking for a sealant to stop vibration aswell.

Is there a torque setting for the stud? I have looked on the workshop manual to no avail. I have found the setting for the nuts and torque pattern.

TrickyDick 26-03-2020 23:25

Don't think a torque for the stud itself is applicable because there is no "seat" as such so it just needs to be all the way in. The nut defines the torque and will pull the stud out against its treads and sealant etc. You should torque up and then heat up the engine. Once cooled check and re-torque as necessary and it should then be good to go.

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