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galant_se 26-08-2004 06:18

Galant & Evo Transmissions
Hi Everyone.

I'm planning on dropping a Galant VR4 motor into my FWD Galant SE (HG-series, 1990 model). I know that my Galant has a KM206 5-speed manual transmission, but I don't know what the VR4 or Lancer Evo's had. For now I'm assuming that it was a similar transmission, just with the extra 4WD drivetrain bits. Can anyone help me?

The reason I ask is I plan to keep my current gearbox, but I feel that first gear will be a bit too short, so the plan is to either use the first gear ratio off a Galant GSR (3.083:1 vs the SE's 3.363:1) or if they would fit, all of the ratios from the VR4 but using the SE's casing (as it doesn't have the extra unnecessary holes for the 4WD bits).

Any help/info anyone could provide me with would be of great assistance.


H7 31-08-2004 19:48

Ask the VR-4 guys here. Someone will know :)

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