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J-Mak 19-08-2019 18:30

Removal of lower rear number plate holder -Tommi
Hi there MLR peeps,

I am replacing my number plate and have gone for a smaller size.

When cleaning up all the old adhesive I then realised that I want to remove the lower plate holders from the boot.

Has anyone done this and if so how? Once removed what did you use to cover the holes?

I will try add pic of what I am talking about.


J-Mak 19-08-2019 18:33

J-Mak 19-08-2019 18:50

RichW 19-08-2019 19:48

I have done this. I just put some clear 3M tape over the square holes that are left behind. I dont even notice them.

J-Mak 19-08-2019 20:39

Thanks Rich.

What is holding the back of them? I looked in and wasn’t sure if it is screwed or pinch clipped

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