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foomeister 01-09-2019 22:25

2004 Evo 8 475BHP 58,250 miles - SOLD
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2004 Evo 8 – 475BHP – 58,350 miles - 15,250 - SOLD

Location: Cambridge
Phone/WhatsApp: 0781 111 0783
Email: [email protected]

This car came into my life in September 2013, after I rolled my previous Evo 8MR at an MLR Sprint. It was terminal for the MR, but I knew I needed to get straight back into another Evo, and an 8 or 9 seemed to fit me best. Over 5 years I’ve mostly used the car for trackdays (including a few trips to the awesome Spa Francorchamps) and MLR sprints, with occasional road trips to Scotland. However with a house move and a new baby the car has just been sitting unused for over a year now (about 400 miles between the last two services) so I think it’s time to move it on to someone new who will use it more.

It had about 37,500 miles when I got it, it’s now around 58,350 and isn’t likely to go up much from that – it’s just had the MOT updated so valid until December 2020. The car came to me with a lot of work already done to it, especially the engine internals – full details are below. But getting it set up just right for me (and for trackdays) has required a bit more work over the years. The main changes were:
  • Full ECU remap by Lee5 to get rid of some awful overfuelling and rough running without sacrificing boost (dropped around 0.1bar) or power (dropped around 10bhp to 475bhp).
  • Ohlins Road & Track adjustable coilovers,
  • Milltek exhaust to quieten the car down (about 5dB down from ~103dB to ~98dB, crucially making it easy to run at just about all circuits)
  • Rear ARB and wheel alignment (more focussed for track use but still great on the road without excessive tyre wear)
  • Exedy twin-plate clutch

Other than the remap by Lee5, AP Tuning in Norwich have been responsible for all regular servicing and maintenance on the car – Gary’s work should speak for itself and I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. I’ve got paperwork for the time the car has been in my ownership plus a large wodge of receipts from the previous owner and service book going back to new. The car was garaged for most of its time with me (and the previous owner garaged it as well). After last year’s move it’s now parked on a drive but is under a car cover to protect it.

I’ll be genuinely sad to see this car go as it brings an end to 15 years of Evo ownership. But I’d rather it went to someone else who can use it as intended. There’s still not much on the road that can touch an Evo, for this money!


Engine & ECU
E9 ECU with Speed Density mapping, most recently mapped by Lee5 to 475BHP (running on Shell V-Power)
3 port boost solenoid
Coil-On-Plug conversion
Fully forged engine (full parts invoice available, but includes):
  • BW I beam rods 150mm
  • Wiseco 1400HD Pistons 85mm
  • Ferarra 6000 inlet & exhaust valves
  • HKS 272/272 Cams & pulleys
  • OEM timing belt auto tensioner
  • Gates timing belt kit & balancer shaft belt

5-speed gearbox
Exedy standard-duty MM022SD twin-plate clutch (with lighter pedal feel than the old single-plate clutch that was on the car when I got it!)
Millers oils used throughout engine and transmission
AYC fluid replaced at last service
AYC pump was refurbed in early 2014

Evo 9 360 by HKS inlet manifold
High flow intercooler
HKS intercooler hard pipe kit
K&N 4" air filter
Walbro 255lph fuel pump

Turbo & Exhaust
HKS 7460
CTEC Exhaust manifold
Millltek cat-back exhaust
RC twin down pipe

Ohlins Road & Track adjustable coilovers
SuperPro rear adjustable ARB

K-Sport 356mm red 8 pot calipers (front)
Standard Brembo calipers (rear)
Goodridge Braided Hoses

Wheels & Tyres
18x8 wheels – I think they’re Rotas but annoyingly can’t find a receipt.
Yokohama AD08-R 235/40 R18 (I also have a spare set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235/40 ZR18 I will throw in)

Carbon rear spoiler & rear diffuser
Evo 9 rear bumper
Ralliart mud flaps

Blitz 2.0bar A-pillar boost gauge
AEM wideband AFR gauge
Air-conditioning (great for sunny track days!)
Evo 9 Recaro front seats and carbon dash inserts
Alpine CD player and Parrot LS-3200 Bluetooth hands-free

Factory fitted Cobra alarm plus aftermarket tracker (will need reactivated by new owner if you want to keep using it)
2 sets of keys and fobs

Negative Points
As you might expect from a 15 year old car that has been used on track there are a few flaws. There's a scrape on the driver’s door pillar (pictured). There are a number of stone chips on the bonnet paintwork. And the rubber link between the fob and keyring has split on both keys, but the fobs still work fine.

foomeister 01-09-2019 22:25

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There are more photos (and higher res) in this shared album:

Attachment 329427

Attachment 329429

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Attachment 329433

Attachment 329435

Attachment 329437

foomeister 01-09-2019 22:28

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Attachment 329439

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Attachment 329443

foomeister 22-10-2019 12:19

Bump for price drop to 15995

foomeister 29-11-2019 14:43

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Some images from the underside:

Attachment 332103

Attachment 332105

Attachment 332107

Attachment 332109

Attachment 332111

foomeister 29-11-2019 14:50

Earlier today I had the car serviced and MOTed at APT, so the car is now MOTed until Dec 18th 2020. While the car was up on the lift I grabbed some pictures of the underside and have posted them above. There are no obvious signs of corrosion (the previous owner claimed to have had the car undersealed although I've never followed that up or renewed it, so haven't really pushed it in the advert above).

Black Friday price drop to 15,250!

foomeister 10-02-2020 16:42

Still for sale!

foomeister 15-03-2020 15:54

Bump. Car is still available.

foomeister 23-03-2020 16:06

Car is sold!

Maurizio 13-04-2020 20:27

Do you know this was put up on one of those raffle prize drow things on Facebook? I know you probably dont care as I wouldnt either in a way, if your selling and they are buying eh....

Just wondered if you knew or they mentioned it and I wonder if they met your asking price??

I only follow 2 or 3 of these things on Facebook if you want to have a look you may still find some info on it, not sure how much a ticket was or how many tickets and the draw has been done now too.

Was either Elite or Dreamcar giveaways.



foomeister 14-04-2020 10:28

Yes it was Dream Car Giveaway. I didn't know it was them until someone came to view the car but he was up front about it. To be honest if I'd realised it was going up on their site that quickly I would probably have bought a ticket or two myself, but I wasn't expecting them to turn it around so quickly especially given the current lockdown!

It was 2.99 a ticket - apparently they sold 9020 tickets (they publish entry lists on their website) so they covered their costs. The price they paid was acceptable to me, a bit higher than some prospective private buyers had offered. maybe the new owner will find his way to the MLR?

Maurizio 14-04-2020 22:14

Thanks for the reply.

Fair play you got the sale done. They put a good mark up on that though. I do enter between 1 and 3 tickets every now and then on the odd car. Obviously never wo though lol. But I have seen many people, and heard alot of chat over on M3 Cutters forum about people winning through these guys.

Yes you never know, would be interesting if the new owner found MLR!

All the best

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