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Gary-360 20-07-2008 08:13


Originally Posted by sib321 (Post 2131075)
That's great Gary, thanks for the tip. I've often admired your pictures, your signature strip looks great..... :)


The Admiral 20-07-2008 11:15

Great results there :D


Evo_marv 20-07-2008 18:05

whenever i use photoshop i use these tutorials, the possibilities are endless,

The Admiral 20-07-2008 20:36

Here's my first effort :)

Ta Si ;)

Lots of room for improvement :lol:

Rog ;)

SiB321 20-07-2008 23:16

Looks great Rog. What a car! Killed millions ............ (of flies:mhihi:)

Anytime ;)

The Admiral 21-07-2008 07:20

LOL :lol:

btw - what's the easiest way to photoshop out stuff like these flies?

Also say if I wanted to photoshop out e.g. a bonnet pit, how would I do that?

Lots to learn :lol:

Rog :D

SiB321 21-07-2008 07:25

Dashing off to work just now, but take a look at the clone tool in the help. I use it with a feathered edge to remove unwanted stuff.....

ShinobiJim 21-07-2008 09:22

very useful thread, keep the pics coming please

soldave 21-07-2008 09:40

Tried this and had limited success. I did a Lotus at yesterday's drags which turned out OK.

But the other shots I've tried it with seem to not come out right. The gradient overlay seems to make everything a little too red. What kind of figures should I be using for the red in those shots?

123paul 30-07-2008 21:51

great pics

SiB321 31-07-2008 17:18


Originally Posted by soldave (Post 2132673)
What kind of figures should I be using for the red in those shots?

I used R=100 G=0 B=0 and that seemed to work out for my images though that was just a guess based on what the 'how to' said - 'deep red' or something like that.

Lotus looks superb :smthumbup

Meakin 01-08-2008 09:51

Here's one I did a few months ago...

Whaddya think?

SiB321 01-08-2008 09:57

Nice work, car looks :coolsm:. Perhaps a little more vignetting?

soldave 01-08-2008 10:49

No wonder I was having some problems; I wasn't inverting the selection for the vignette for the earlier pics! Here are a couple of goes with recent shots of my car.

SiB321 01-08-2008 11:07

Awsome sky!

Only just noticed you're in Japan!

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