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!Simon 10-06-2017 18:25

400+ Evo 5.
Looking for an Evo 5. Needs to be forged running 400+.
Needs to be tidy but age related marks are fine.
Just missed out on 2 lovely examples so i know roughly what i want to spend.

Let me know what you have!

!Simon 13-06-2017 18:33


Anyone know of any around?

Andygate8 13-06-2017 20:50

Forged evo 7 anygood?

!Simon 14-06-2017 17:13

Not really what I was after but put the spec up and a couple of pics and I'll take a look :thumbup: also what are you looking for it?

Andygate8 14-06-2017 18:34

send me a text mate il forward you details, my number is 07515650507

Paulj1 14-06-2017 19:52

One on PH maybe suitable?

strange_days_uk 14-06-2017 20:05

400+ Evo 5.

Originally Posted by Paulj1 (Post 5786451)

Looks a pretty decent curve on that graph I must say although max power is well over to the right. Be interested to know what boost it's running. Most important thing is to have a good look underneath, and I'd want receipts for the build to prove the engine mileage.

strange_days_uk 14-06-2017 20:10

Hmm, thought I recognised it. I may be wrong but this was up for sale a while back. Not the best.

!Simon 15-06-2017 12:16

Looks a monster but probably too much for me!
Although im not expecting a show car, would be nice if the car hasnt failed aboit 10 mots on corrosion.
Thanks for the lookout chaps.

!Simon 17-06-2017 22:17


!Simon 21-06-2017 12:23


strange_days_uk 21-06-2017 13:19

What's your budget?

!Simon 21-06-2017 15:57


Originally Posted by strange_days_uk (Post 5788613)
What's your budget?

Going by the last 2 lovely one on here i only want to spend 11kish. Will stretch more for the right one though.

!Simon 23-06-2017 12:15


!Simon 24-06-2017 09:18

Weekend bump!

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