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Jimbaker 24-10-2019 23:17

2015 Lancer 50k miles turbine sound when accelerating?
Hey guys, So my Lancer just rolled over to 50k miles so most of it is still under warrenty.

I've recently started getting this loud fan/turbine sound when accelerating past 20/30mph, with the sound getting louder the faster you go. I took it to a dealership and they told me it was my tires and I attempted to tell them I didn't think so, but the mechanic countered with "I've done this work for 30 years now mimics sound that's a tire issue".
I proceeded to buy tires from them, but the problem was not solved. I'm hoping you guys can help.

So imagine a plane starting to take off... That's similar to the sound. It won't do it when in park and revving the engine, only does it when in motion. When going down the road I can shift it to neutral, and the sound dies down quite a bit which leads me to believe something transmission related? I could be wrong however. I checked my transmission fluid and it isn't low. Oil isn't low. Filters aren't dirty. Everything that I can see seems to be in working order, so I'm hoping you guys have an idea.


r3k1355 25-10-2019 09:51

What model/engine?

I hope you got your money back from that lying dealership.

Dave F 25-10-2019 17:55

Guessing this is in the wrong section as this section is for the LT2000 (1980's RWD Pre Evo Turbo) but from your description it sounds like a turbo or intercooler hose leak as the engine will only really produce boost when under load.

If you have a boost gauge & the performance is less than normal I'd be looking there, if performance is still ok it's probably something else!

Good luck in your search.

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