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reallyoldgit 11-07-2019 21:57

Starion Ex narrow body - lonely
Is there another Colt badged (I think the change to Mitsubishi was about 1989) out there? DVLA lists one and a couple SORN'd. Mine is pretty much as it left the factory apart from a LOT of welding. I'm sad enough to have a cassette with 1980's music in the slot.
Newbie to the Forum, thanks Texaxile, just MOT'd for the first time in 20 years. Driving on 20 year old tyres with flat spots where it's been sitting was interesting until they warmed up and went round again.

Rampant 12-07-2019 09:55

This thread needs pictures...


Mark H

reallyoldgit 14-07-2019 12:33

Coming up as soon as I get new tyres on, not going anywhere I don't have to with 20+ year olds been sitting flat for a few years!
Don't know how to put this in the middle of the post:
"Age is inevitable, maturity is an option"

Tintin 14-07-2019 19:25

It's me (texaxile) from PH.

Welcome to the forum, there's plenty of room in here for possibly one of the two slim body Starion owners in the UK :)

Hopefully someone will be along soon if you need any help, meanwhile keep the faith with the restoration, it's not an easy road on any of these cars!.

notenoughtime 22-07-2019 20:55

Look forward to some pics

reallyoldgit 26-07-2019 21:10

It'll be a short while before any pics, I now have a power steering fluid leak, I think it's the shaft seal, and another air leak, which I'm hoping is the 'O' ring on the suction pipe. 'O'ring shouldn't be a problem, hopefully the shaft seal is a standard metric one. Stripdown starts tomorrow!

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