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SiB321 19-07-2008 06:35

Top Gear Cool for your Pix
Having just eliminated those pesky stone chips from the front of the Evo I wanted some nice pictures of the car. I’m no Photoshop expert, but I found this great ‘How To’ on how to give pictures the ‘Top Gear Effect’.

Here are a couple of sample pix:

What do you think of my first attempt?

If you don’t have Photoshop you can download it from this torrent:

[link removed by MLR mod]

Unfortunately this version comes with an illegal key generator that allows you to use the software for free. Naturally MLR members will wish to purchase a legitimate registration key from Adobe.

If you are not used to downloading from torrents here is the software you need:

[link removed by MLR mod]

And here is the how to, takes about 10 mins once you have got the hang of it…….enjoy!

1. Curves Adjustment

Go to Layer>New Adjustment>Curves.
Replicate the curve to intensify the midtone highlight and shadows to boost the tones. ( output 113-input 108 )

2. Colour adjustment

Add a new Layer via Layer>New>Layer, and fill it with Black via Edit>Fill,
choosing Black for contents. Clik OK.
In the Layer Palette, change the Blending mode to Hue. The image will turn completely black and white, so to reduce this effect simply reduce the Opacity to 40 percent.
Now flatten the image via Layer>Flatten Image.

3. Sharpening

To sharpen the image go to Image>Mode>Lab Colour.
Click on the Channel palette tab and then click directly on the Lightness channel.
With this channel active, go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask.
Enter 50 per cent to the Layer palette and go to Image>Mode>RGB colour.

4. Set up the gradient overlay

Go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Gradient.
For Style choose Linear and make sure Angle is set to 90 degrees. Click in the Gradient swatch and choose the Foreground to Transparent swatch.
Double-click the solid black colour stop at the end of the gradient and then choose a deep red. Now do the same with the black colour stop at the right.

5. Create the gradient overlay

After setting up your gradient, click OK and then choose the Reverse button in the Gradient Fill dialog so that the darkest area of gradient is over the sky.
Click OK.
Now, in the Layer palette, change the blending mode to Overlay.
This will blend the gradient itself with the image below it, giving a filter effect by adding more colour and drama.

6. Set up the vignette effect

Click again on the Background Layer and choose the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the Toolbar.
Now, starting in the top left-hand corner, just a little from the edge, drag a large ellipse for the vignette.
If you don’t get the selection in the right place, simply drag inside the selection to move it. Now go to Select>Inverse to invert.

7.Create the vignette

With your inverted selection active, go to Select>Modify>Feather.
Within the Feather dialog, enter 250 Radius.
Hit OK to soften the edges.
Go to Layer>New adjustment Layer>Levels.
In the level dialog, grab the grey Midtone slider and slide to the right to create the vignette effect within the selection.
When you're happy, click OK.

8. Polarising effect

Hit Ctrl-E to merge the Levels Adjustment Layer with the Background Layer.
Go to Image>Adjustment>Shadow/Highlight to create the polarising effect.
Check the Show More Option box.
Grab the Shadow Amount slider and drag it to the left, at around 40 to 45 per cent. Choose the same value for the Shadow Tonal Width slider.

If anyone has any questions, post them up and I’ll try to help. If there are any Photoshop experts out there with any more tips perhaps they would post them up here too.

Have fun!

Si :smthumbup

Raj_UK 19-07-2008 11:13

maybe remove the blatantly dodgy stuff about how to source photoshop


but other than that a great post for people who haven't already googled on how to do this


how about it's made a sticky in the photo section ?

CaesarSon 19-07-2008 11:39

nice pics and helpfull post before everyone starts asking where to download photoshop:smthumbup

my only 2pence worth's would be to upgrade your rear spolier.

Kosta 19-07-2008 11:44

I thought i would see how this came out using a bland image. I did the vignetting differently, just using the Lens Correction function under Filter>Distort

Kosta 19-07-2008 11:59

From this...

to this

Every day is a school day!

SiB321 19-07-2008 12:02


Originally Posted by Raj_UK (Post 2129845)
how about it's made a sticky in the photo section ?

That would be an honour indeed! :adore:


Originally Posted by Kosta (Post 2129891)
I thought i would see how this came out using a bland image. I did the vignetting differently, just using the Lens Correction function under Filter>Distort

Nice. Thanks for the tip! :smthumbup


Originally Posted by Kosta (Post 2129918)

Top work! Is there any vignetting on that shot?

Kosta 19-07-2008 12:16

There is, but not much.

SiB321 19-07-2008 12:23


Originally Posted by Kosta (Post 2129937)
There is, but not much.

Yeah, subtlety gives the best look doesn't it.....

coolamasta 19-07-2008 16:01

Nice, I need to dig out photoshop again!

Gazzacb 19-07-2008 22:58

Just need to photoshop a proper spoiler on there now mate :lol::handsup: (only joking ;))

Looks awesome mate, going to have a go at this myself.

SiB321 19-07-2008 23:11


Originally Posted by Gazzacb (Post 2130872)
Just need to photoshop a proper spoiler on there now mate :lol::handsup: (only joking ;))

Cheek! :p

Gary-360 19-07-2008 23:29

If you want a shortcut for this (and more effective), do a search for Photoshop actions, there are some great ones out there, all you do is run/play the action, job done ;)
Also good frames and lighting effects available as actions and plug ins.

Nice work though.

SiB321 20-07-2008 07:07

So actions are kinda like macros?

Gary-360 20-07-2008 07:51

Not really, an action is a series of commands which are recorded and saved; these can be applied to different images.
You can create your own simply by opening up the action window, and recording your key steps.

Here's a link to one site with premade actions:

SiB321 20-07-2008 08:12

That's great Gary, thanks for the tip. I've often admired your pictures, your signature strip looks great..... :)

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