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SpikeMY09GSR 03-03-2012 17:23

The Modified RalliArt 09 - Thread
This thread is for us to share any and all mods to Lancer RalliArt Sportback SST 09 -.

Don't put any other general information or off topic posts in this thread, use this one instead:

I will start us off in my next post.
Thanks Spike

SpikeMY09GSR 03-03-2012 17:37

Evo X IC
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First mod?
Change to the EVO X IC.

SpikeMY09GSR 03-03-2012 17:45

Essential mod before more power?
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davy_gsr 03-03-2012 18:07

Modded exhaust

davy_gsr 03-03-2012 18:08

Intercooler piping

stundies 05-03-2012 18:24

Lowered on Eibach Springs

Ralliart Mudflaps (Front only)

Racing Towing Eye

EVO X Alloy Wheels (Unique colour) and Yoko Prada 225/40/18 Tyres (Slight stretch)

Pull Tag (Remove Before Flight)

Bonnet Bra (Sorry about the quality of pics - more to follow)

Still have EBC Brake Discs and Yellow Stuff Pads to fit.

Also have Ralliart Floor Mats, LED side lamps and rear number plate lamps and Xenon Fog lamp bulbs fitted. Red Painted Brake Calipers and Ralliart Valve Caps and a SST badge on the Boot Lid.

Next mods,

This rear splitter (which will fit as the bumper that this is fitted to is not like the EVO X one!)

Vortex Fins

and of course a TRL remap and exhaust soon.

davy_gsr 05-03-2012 19:11

Blacked out front

Lowered on tein h tech

Ralliart mudflaps

davy_gsr 05-03-2012 19:16

Carbon bonnet wrap

Evo x Plate holder

davy_gsr 05-03-2012 21:54

Stundies What kind of bulbs are you using for the side lights and reg lights??
Mine seems to keep popping them in about a week or two

stundies 06-03-2012 18:13

Cheap ones from ebay and I keep having the same trouble, flashing after about 2 weeks. I think I might have a look for some more expensive ones, do PIAA do any? Do you get a proper loud noise through the Splitter DV??

davy_gsr 06-03-2012 21:51

Yeah its a nice dump, yeah thats the sameones i have tried. Halford do ones prism i think in white. Had them on my last car and they lasted well. Got a video of it, if you give me your email i will send it.

stundies 07-03-2012 20:53

I'll join this week and send you my addy

SpikeMY09GSR 08-03-2012 19:55

This rear splitter (which will fit as the bumper that this is fitted to is not like the EVO X one!)

Hey, like the diffuser - where can I get one and how much???:smthumbup

stundies 09-03-2012 21:34

120 I think they quoted me, and will except a return if it doesn't for any reason fit. Looking at the bumper, I can't see why it won't, what's your thoughts?

stundies 24-03-2012 18:01

Managed to get the bike rack fitted to the rear end today, doesn't look too out of place......

And when we arrived home, fitted my new 'Vortex Fins'......

and PIAA front side lamps which i'm not too happy with as they are really Blue in colour (wanted a decent super white bulb)

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