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Clivew 26-06-2009 01:55

Evo 6 Trackcar Build......Lots of Pics.
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Where do I start..........:lol:

A few people have asked to see some pics of my car and it's build progress so here goes. I haven't got pics of everything as I get engrossed in what I'm doing and forget about the camera :lol:

I've done everything myself including a full engine build, gearbox rebuild, front and rear diff build, all fabrication, infact everything apart from mapping, welding in the cage and paint work.

The engine was finished last year and I carried out shakedown testing of many bespoke parts and a new suspension set-up during the summer, and then the car was taken off the road this winter for a complete stripdown for cage fitment and to lighten the car as much as possible without compromising safety.

As the many people who have done this know, it's a big project, including a full strip and rewire of the loom :blah:

I think the last pics of the car I posted on this forum were in 2002, so some more are a bit overdue.....:D

Hopefully you'll enjoy looking as much as I do at other builds such as RossW, Barry, Norris, Daz, etc.

I'll start with a pic of the car last year at Norris, carrying out a mapping session.

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:04

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Ok, going back in time, pics of the engine build in my workshop.

Arrow conrods and JE pistons with gudgeon pins, rings and bearings, balanced in positions 1&4 and 2&3 to less than 0.1 gram by mixing and matching everything except the piston positions which have already been postioned to match the bores to gain optimum clearance in each bore.

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:12

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Block with Tomei crank fitted, crank was balanced on it's own (And needed no machining as was above race spec balance from new) and then balanced again with flywheel, clutch and pulley fitted.

Last pic is tightening the conrod bolts by the stretch method as this is much more accurate than torqueing as it takes friction out of the equation. The stretch tolerance was .01mm in this case :eek:

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:20

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Measuring piston protrusion with a DTI to make sure the squish measurment is in tolerance for the 1.2mm HKS head gasket to be used.

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:24

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Onto the head, I spent a long time on this, anyone who has done headwork will know how time consuming it is, if it's done properly.

First thing was to cut up an old knackered head, kindly donated to me by another MLR member :smthumbup

I then know how much material there is to play with when modifying the ports and combustion chamber.

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:40

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I modified the inlet and exhaust ports by hand, got the valve seats cut at a local engine shop, and then carefully finished around the seats. I used 1mm oversize Ferrea valves. Oh and before this I replaced the valve guides with Bronze ones.

Next I modified the combustion chamber shape and squish for less port shrouding and a more detonation resistant design.

To do this I bolted the head to a milling machine and machined each chamber the same and then finished by hand.

Lastly I matched each chamber to less than 1ml using a burette, some perspex and degreasing fluid.

That's a lot of work :wallbang:

Clivew 26-06-2009 02:41

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Clivew 26-06-2009 02:49

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Ok, I then fitted the head using APR headstuds, HSK gasket, Norris spec Piper cams and springs and solid lifters.

Below is a pic timing the cams using a timing wheel I made :)

I used a DTI to find TDC, then adjusted the pointer to zero, and then adjusted the cam wheels to get the timing correct to the spec that came with the cams.

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:24

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Found a company that does plastic coating that looks like polished alloy/chrome without the dulling/corrosion probs :smthumbup

My AMS manifold;

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:32

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Engine completed, ready to be dropped onto my transport stand :lol:

Norris/Shearer T04Z turbo kit, exhaust manifold Ceramic coated.

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:33

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Next, pop the gearbox on :D

And push it round to the garage ready for fitment :)

GUM EVO 26-06-2009 03:33

Stunning build... that Tomei crankshaft is pure class!!! You really used the best of the best, both build methods and parts:smthumbup

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:40

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Not really in date order, pics of the gearbox rebuild with an uprated output shaft and new bearings. The standard output shaft twists when subjected to high torque, and knackers the transfer box.

I also rebuilt the transfer box with new bearings and got the crownwheel and pinion shot peened.

A Cusco RS front diff was rebuilt with low preload and soft ramp angle, and fitted to the transfer box.

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:51

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Cheers Gum, fitting cheap parts doesn't make sense on a high horsepower build :shake:

Now onto the rear diff, the car started out as a GSR, so had the weak AYC rear diff fitted. First thing to do was to strip the diff and analyse how it worked :D

Clivew 26-06-2009 03:55

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Next analyse where the weak points are before designing my own uprated casing, junking all the standard internals and fitting a rebuilt Cusco RS LSD with heavy preload and hard ramp angle. Also shot peened the crown wheel and pinion.

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