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juantxo 03-09-2019 14:40

Red tme 51000km absolute mint condition
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Hi there!!!
Firstable, i would like to apologize about my english, i will try to do my best but it is pretty difficult to me made a proper for sale advert using the correct technical words and expressions to explain the condition of this car.

I hope that pics speaks by their self but if anyone would like to make me any question, i will be very happy answering:smthumbup.

Well, after a long time thinking about it, ive decided sell one tommi makinen of my humble colection.

i would like to say that i was an MLR member for a very long time and i consider my self an evo enthusiast , so i can affirm that this car is one of the best tommi makinen that i have ever seen.

I bought this car from SR TARAT, that he is also an evo enthusiast and a MLR member for a long time to.

On this link you can take a look of the history of this car and his owner .

On the past, this car has some very slighty modification like wheels , brakes, suspension, etc. but actually the car is COMPLETE OEM (think that SR TARAT still own a very good colection of ralli art parts if any one is interested)

IT IS 100% original condition except WHITE RALLI ART ECU. ( the original is included on the car also)

Sr. Tarat bought the car in 2008 with 11900 km on the clock, when he lived there, and sold to me in 2018 with 51000 km aprox

This car only drive on japanesse and spanish roads so its TOTALLY RUST FREE

Due to lack of time , i have driven this car about 500 km during the last year.

Still own the original japanese hand books and service book where shows the services that this car passed on japan

Here in spain, the km are recorded on the ITV( MOT) which are shown on the back of the car papers and on the spanish traffic data informs

SR TARAT sold to me with 4 new bridgestone potenza and big service done

Also timing belt was changed so the car wants for nothing for a very long time

Some little stone chips on front bumper and

Also , one of the wheels has a little shallow scratch but it is something very priceless

Im just trying to be totally honest

Interior is in absolute new condition with no signs of wear at all, the same as bodywork that has been detailed regularly .

Honesty, this car is very very close like a new car and drives and feels like a new one,

I WILL ASUME ALL THE TRAVEL COSTS If anyone interested is coming here to see the car and the car is not as i am describing,

I think that its a very good oportunity to get an exceptional collector car in an absolute new condition.



CONTACT ME BY PM, [email protected] or wats app 0034667569632

Thank you very much for your time and apologize again for my english.

juantxo 03-09-2019 14:44

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juantxo 03-09-2019 14:45

wow, how can i resize the pics?

juantxo 03-09-2019 14:48


strange_days_uk 03-09-2019 14:51


Originally Posted by juantxo (Post 6193719)
wow, how can i resize the pics?

download a free app called TAPATALK onto your phone, and use that to login to the forum and post pics.

juantxo 03-09-2019 15:01

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juantxo 03-09-2019 15:08

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more pics

juantxo 03-09-2019 15:15

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some more

juantxo 03-09-2019 15:20

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some more pics
sorry about the size
think will be easier resize the screen of the computer:mhihi:

willox 03-09-2019 19:02

Nice car:smthumbup

Baileyk 03-09-2019 19:48

That is gorgeous

Dereksti 03-09-2019 20:06

Very nice and original.:smthumbup

juantxo 03-09-2019 20:07

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Two concourse makinen and no time to drive them its not good idea

squeakyclean32 03-09-2019 20:21

Now that is clean :coolsm::smthumbup:mitsi:

Priced well.... Great car there for someone ... Rare to see them in this condition :smthumbup

GLWYS :mitsi:

juantxo 03-09-2019 20:39


Originally Posted by squeakyclean32 (Post 6193793)
Now that is clean :coolsm::smthumbup:mitsi:

Priced well.... Great car there for someone ... Rare to see them in this condition :smthumbup

GLWYS :mitsi:

Thanks mate !! Very apreciated

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