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tzrdave 27-01-2020 08:15

advice on what parts to use
hello guys,

I want to build me evo 5 engine and make around 500 hp.

what I got so far are k1 rods 150mm, manley pistons 85.5mm, hks 272 camshaft and manley valves, Apexi intake, full 3 inch exhaust, walbro 255 and also got a 49178-01550 turbo but I know that's not gonna make it.

what I want to know is do I need a bigger intercooler? what size injectors? can I use standard valve springs or do i need uprated? and what about the inlet manifold and throttle body?

thanks in advance

mgtkr1 04-02-2020 00:04

intercooler will be on its arse at 500hp, 450 is about the limit really. nowadays 1000cc injectors will work and give decent low speed running. standar inlet and tb will be fine at your target power. i think the inlet is good for up to 650/700

tzrdave 06-02-2020 06:13

thanx for your help man! last weekend a scored a set of ID1000 �� really nice I can keep the stock inlet and throttle body, cause i wanna keep as much as possible OEM parts

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