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paulfq360mr 10-05-2010 20:09

EVO 9 FQ360MR grey

I watch but have not posted much on this forum.

I have a 100% standard Evo 9 FQ360MR in Graphite Grey full MR spec. but 100% original.

I have had the car since March 2008 when it was purchased direct from Mitsubishi when it was 6 months old.

I'm seriosly interested in selling depending on what it is worth. If it's not worth enough I'll keep it for another year or two.

Here is some outline info.

Sept 2007 57 reg.
Graphite grey - full MR spec. inc. full leather MR interior.
I'm 2nd owner with Mitsubishi UK as first owner; apparently the Mistubishi UK MD ran this car for the first 6 months of it's life.
Full Ralliart service history.
Mileage now 45K, the car has been used as daily transport run to work approx. 35 miles each way.
Run property - allowed to warm up and cool down.
Run always on shell optimax.
Never been on the track.
Car number 220 ; might be the last one??
Warrenty still to run until sept 2010.
Had new battery recently under warrenty and other than that nothing has gone wrong.

Being honest here are the following negatives and I'm interested in what it is worth with or with out them being sorted.
Due a 45K service, booked in in about a week, cost 450.
Tyres OK but only got about 3K of life in them.
Very minor odd stone chip.
chip on windscreen (could get done under my insurance)
needs a good valet / polish
Oh and the petrol cap is a Chrome colour Ralliart one which the chrome finish has flaked a bit, enquired under warrenty but not followed through - they say it was a special edition extra nio longer availible and would need to be replaced with a std black plastic one.

This car has been maintained regardless of cost, as required.

I'm interested in what I can get for it no hassle real world figure, and if anyone is seriously interested I'm seriolsly interested in taking a fair offer.

Cheers PAul

PS mobile contact is 07717845244

JamV7 10-05-2010 20:35

Put some pics up mate it will help with sale:smthumbup

big Jarv 10-05-2010 21:26

Fancy a Porsche in trade if so check in te section non evo cars for sale I have a thread there

paulfq360mr 11-05-2010 07:42

Porsche Part ex

I will bear it in mind but it is not in the plan.

Matbe if we wound on another few years and the kids have left home. The Porsche would do nicly for the wife.

Cheers Paul

big Jarv 11-05-2010 08:16

if you change your mind let me know :)

paulfq360mr 11-05-2010 12:43

On offer at the mo
Hi All,

Thanks for the advice / interest.

FYI I have an fair offer trade in with the car as is. This is through a high performance dealer who is sorting a nitrous Mustang for one company director & a Merc SL65 for the MD with an option for me to borrow the SL65 when I fancy, then I run the MD's BMW 535D 330BHP / 480ftlb to keep the family from moaning as they do when we go out in the Evo!:rotz::o

I also have circa the same offer on the evo from an MLR member subject to viewing.

And a third offer with a guy on a fixed budget, where if insurance was free he would have the budget for it!! So the offer is lower.

I will know more after next Monday / Tuesday when option one above should go through.

Hence those that have asked for photos, I won't be doing the photos unless option one doesn't go ahead if that's OK.

Give it 6 months and I'll be back on here looking for a road useable but well tuned stroker evo!!

Cheers Paul

paulfq360mr 18-05-2010 11:09

Now sold!

Thanks for all the interest and advice. The car is now sold.:shake:

I'm gonna miss it!!:cry:

Cheers paul

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