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Chappers23 08-01-2014 17:23

Tyre choices for 600hp
As above im new to the evo scene and have just brought a evo 9 running 600hp on 255/40/18 just seeing what tyres you lot would recommend running.

Thanks in advance

TreeEVO 08-01-2014 17:51

Road or track? Or both 👍

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Si B @ HEL 08-01-2014 19:51

I use 265/35/18 & 255/35/18 R888s or Dunlop D02Gs on my 600 bhp Evo for near year round use. 40 profile 255 tyres must look a little, erm, chunky on the side wall?

I value grip over all other factors though, and the Dunlops in particular are quite pricey. North of 800 for a set IIRC.

They also won't be the best tyres in Winter weather, for fuel economy, for low noise or value :cry:

Depends on what you want to do with it, and for what type of road conditions.

marcmcdonald 08-01-2014 20:13

A use ado8r's al year round on mine.
Seems pretty good. They are pricey as well and don't last long.
But plenty grip

Chappers23 08-01-2014 20:20

It will be for both track and road but mainly road use. Was thinking ado8's or something along those lines

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