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AB93 24-09-2020 02:43

Underseal/Rustproof Rustbuster?
Has anybody had a positive/negative experience with Rustbusters in Spalding? They seem to offer quite a comprehensive service and good value for money and obviously seems rust and its treatment/prevention is their speciality. Covid has not been kind to me financially so Im not in a position where I can spend 1k+ unfortunately but winter is coming so just want to have the peace of mind that it is fully protected and actually not be worried about getting it out of the garage in the months to come! Any other recommendations for places in or near the south east are welcome also! Thanks!

Mita 24-09-2020 06:04

I have useD all their products On my underside resto. Amazing products and Ian the owner has been nothing but helpful. A few on here have used their service you describe and they have given positive feedback. They certainly know their stuff when it comes to rust.

AB93 24-09-2020 07:41

Thanks for the feedback I should of written in the original post that I would not be attempting it myself and am thinking about leaving it with them and going for the full rustproofing service just hoping to hear from some others that have done the same. I imagine at the price offered they will not be removing and refitting too many parts but as long as it is done thoroughly enough and to a high standard that I don’t have to worry about it over winter!

Humps85 24-09-2020 08:47

What sort of condition is the underneath in now ? Has it been sealed etc before ?

AB93 24-09-2020 10:17


Originally Posted by Humps85 (Post 6241411)
What sort of condition is the underneath in now ? Has it been sealed etc before ?

As far as Iím aware hasnít been sealed before. Only owned since February and obviously had a good look at it then and it had an MOT in July and I asked the tester can you let me know about any rust spots at all because I intend to underseal it before winter so need to address any issues first and he said it seemed pretty solid just some surface rust in places.
Has been garaged during my ownership and have tried to avoid bad weather as much as possible and probably put less than 2k miles on it.

Humps85 24-09-2020 10:56

Is it a UK ? Car or import mate ?

AB93 24-09-2020 15:51


Originally Posted by Humps85 (Post 6241425)
Is it a UK ? Car or import mate ?

Sorry really should of put all this in the original post shouldn’t I haha, it’s a 2005 UK spec 8 GSR, 54k miles

Rampant 24-09-2020 17:57

Yes I used them about a year ago and thought they were really good. My VI was a fairly recent import and had not a spot of rust on it beforehand, so only time will tell if they did a good job or not. Good reputation, though...

All the best

Mark H

Mark richardson 01-10-2020 19:27

I used them about 3 or 4 years ago and by and large it still looks good.
They will clean first and advise of any areas of concern.
Folk don't like the black underseal look and they cover a lot of the running gear etc so it isnt for the concourse look etc but certainly protects...........I think they offer various levels of work but i had the one that cost around £700 but it was a few years ago. Think they had the car 2 days............cheers

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