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  Evo Annual Running Cost Calculator

If you're looking at buying an Evo or already own one and want to understand the running costs involved, simply fill out the Annual Running Cost calculator below. Fuel, insurance and servicing are all fixed costs with fuel and servicing cost increasing on the amount of mileage you do. Other costs like tyres, brakes and clutches are not easy to predict. If they are required depends largely on the history of the car and your style of driving.

These are typical running costs sourced from a number of Evo/Ralliart garages and does not include costs such as finance, road tax and any repairs.

Mileage at Start of Year
Mileage at End of Year
Fuel Cost (pence)
Servicing Type
Insurance Band
High risk = young driver, high risk area. Low risk = older driver, low risk area
Tyres (if required)
Brakes (if required)
Clutch (if required)

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