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  1. youngsyr
    25-04-2013 09:42
    Hi Lee, I'd go for as new a car as possible - even the VIIIs are now 10 years old, so start to develop niggles, which can be expensive on these cars.

    The VI is arguably better on track, but at 13 years old I think you'll struggle to find one that's been well looked after for its entire life.

    Only the VIII MR came in gunmetal and these tend to command a premium over an VIII, but they're also a year or so younger and a better base car.

    With your budget in mind , I'd haggle hard for an VIII MR. They're a little out of your budget, buy you might get lucky with a desperate buyer.

    Don't worry about the spec too much: a JDM grey import, FQ-300, FQ-320 or FQ-340 are all the same car underneath a few minor modifications/tweaks. So, buy on condition, rather than spec.

    Whatever you buy, make sure it's been well looked after - lots of receipts and regular services from known independents are a good indicator.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  2. Lee9
    24-04-2013 18:51

    I apologize if you get lots of these questions but you seem really helpful on MLR and as a mod on another forum I don't want to start another similar thread - I know how annoying it can be.
    I have read the MLR buyers guide but a second opinion is always great. Ok so here is my question, with 8-9k to spend would I bag a decent 8? gunmetal grey ideally. I like the 6 too but the interior puts me off.. But could live with it for a great example /TME. I am into track days and fast road driving and drive a very quick older shape civic with 240hp N/A, but I'm getting too old for noisy 300 mile drives to the track!

    Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.


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