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Conversation Between Goginawa and Gavalar
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  1. Gavalar
    08-10-2016 19:53
    You chose the wheel so choose the tyre yoko ad80r or Michelin pilot sport 4 or whatever springs to mind .
  2. Gavalar
    08-03-2016 17:10
    18 mate nice to speak to u when u back at ace
  3. Gavalar
    11-01-2016 15:58
    Hi mate see the team dynamics wheels on forum any good or would I advise me to save for volks as mentioned cheers mate
  4. Gavalar
    20-10-2015 19:36
    Cheers bro
  5. Gavalar
    27-08-2015 16:33
    Hi mate feel free to use any pictures taken all I would like to ad as a newbie is how fantastic everyone from mlr had been I had recieved nothing but help from everyone a chap I met in Uxbridge even gave me a wheel for free Mike contacted me and it was pudding down with rain but we met up in the ran and chatted it was great the mlr is fantastic and everyone so helpful mini meet just shows the how's easy it is to meet like minded people even if the was only two of us in the rain thanks for your message I would love to see something in the magazine which proves people's dedication to the vehicles and more importantly interest in other peoples evo choice

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