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Conversation Between Goginawa and Della
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  1. Della
    09-01-2013 19:59
    I replied tonight! As i said in the email i'm very lapse at checking my mail...hardly ever look at them even though i know i should...but i was having a bit of a sort out with that and coming on here, so sorry i didn't see it at the time x
  2. Della
    09-01-2013 14:56
    Hi Gog Hope you and family are keeping well!
  3. Della
    15-02-2012 09:29
    Aww but you have to get some reward from all your hard work!

    Yes am working part time but no business side as of yet, I keep changing my mind every two minutes!

    Ahhhh you got a new bike? Must be freezing though! but what a choice tube or bike, i'm terrified of tubes
  4. Della
    14-02-2012 16:13
    Yes it's me, thank heavens there's only one

    I'm really well thankyou, but it's sooo cold here on the East Coast, can't seem to get warm...

    And you're always busy, you work too hard
  5. Della
    12-02-2012 11:25
    Hellooo, saw you pop up on my profile.

    Hope you and family are all well
  6. Goginawa
    11-07-2011 15:55
    hi Della,hows things ? any luck with the job hunting ?
  7. Della
    01-06-2011 21:31
    No i don't want to do the same work, i'm sick of doing all Bank holidays, weekends, and holiday season, something new would be nice, what it is yet i don't know!
  8. Della
    01-06-2011 21:14

    I could eat cheese with anything i'm addicted!

    I'm ok...ish, my job has now finished as my bosses have retired, so i'm on the lookout for something new...

    You well?
  9. Della
    01-06-2011 20:21
    Someone mention pink bubbly and cheese??
  10. Goginawa
    25-04-2011 19:57
    Today I went out for a walk with the tribe and we were next to the river,even with the sun full on if was still bit chilly due to breeze,went back to flat and there it was boiling,wish I could take some if that breeze into my flat

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