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Conversation Between barneyboo and PetrolHeadKid
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  1. PetrolHeadKid
    22-04-2012 19:41
    Hi again!
    Don't worry about replying now as the car has been sold :-(
    Kind regards,
  2. PetrolHeadKid
    21-04-2012 12:36
    Hi there :-)
    I do hope that you don't mind me sending you this message (you posted on a thread I started on the general Lancer chat page about VIII MR340 Vs. IX 340). I am 'in negotiations' with a guy who is selling an VIII MR340 and I wondered if you would take the time to let me know if, from your experience of this model, there is anything specifically that I need to ask about / check for?
    I have already put together a check list of 17 things when I go to look at / test drive the car (mostly from info found on here) and I owned a VII FQ300 (with 370BHP on tap) for two years which will help, but would really appreciate anything that you might be able to add :-)
    Thanks in advance for your time :-)

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