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Conversation Between sfg and Area Six
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  1. Area Six
    28-02-2011 13:48
    Area Six
    Hi - It's Area-Six. My msg is disabled as I'm a non member. The PSRS worked well and certainly gave me a better feel of the front. I did check the castor angle but can't remember it now, sorry. I think it added 3 degrees. What I noticed was that the steering did exactly what I had expected - the wheels snapped back to point straight more rapidly and the bump steer didn't feel to have as much influence (it was easier to control). Turn in rate feels more 'loaded and precice'. It's my daily driver and so far i've not had any failures in 3000miles of A & B road use, but haven't pushed it at full chat, but my gut instinct is that it needs even more castor for track use. BTW I did change the toe to 1.0mm outwards too. Not so good for the tyres but suits me better


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