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Conversation Between AndyF_RSX and A,Tilley
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  1. A,Tilley
    31-01-2013 11:48
    Hi Andy, in response to mags, if possible mags with features on the likes of paul martins,rc developments,anthony lidsters,bob moores,ross walkers etc evo's oh and especially kenny wylies evo as he's from my part of the world basically the big dogs lol as im planning to build something very similar when i come out of uni which will be in about 4 years and to just start researching now. But as many mags as possible would be great! And well as mentioned above about kenny you'll probs know then that im across the water in northern ireland. But i think my are very good,i had approx 25kg of oil delivered from england for only 10. But ofcourse its up to you mate.
    Kind regards, Anthony

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