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Conversation Between Rampant and Della
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  1. Della
    23-03-2012 20:01
    They're fascinating
  2. Rampant
    23-03-2012 19:50
    It was Joanna who posted it. She was so eager to share
  3. Della
    23-03-2012 19:44
    Makes a change! lol

    Yeah i'm ok, you?? I loooove your thread, sooo cute
  4. Rampant
    23-03-2012 19:20
    Hi Della

    You're quiet recently
  5. Della
    04-03-2012 10:34
    Didn't you know I was a witch?

    Yeah I haven't been on here as much lately, I was sort of fed up of logging in and seeing everyone moaning and having a go at each other, but that seems to have calmed down now and everyone getting friendly again

    Plus I was really ill last week so didn't come on here much...

    How's you and all your menagerie?
  6. Rampant
    04-03-2012 10:27
    Quote"You're very quiet these days, hope you're ok"/Quote


    I've been thinking that about you for a few weeks now...

    Same wavelength???

    And I just think you think I'm quiet 'cos you've been quiet, 'cos I haven't been quiet at all!! Blimey hope that makes sense...

    So, anyway. Are you? OK I mean. 'cos you've been quiet for a few weeks now
  7. Della
    04-03-2012 10:04
    You're very quiet these days, hope you're ok
  8. Della
    20-08-2011 17:37
  9. Rampant
    19-08-2011 18:57
    Wow I wish I'd seen that. Sounds funny ...
  10. Della
    05-08-2011 17:49
    Liking the poem thankyou

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