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Conversation Between Black Knight and Netcom
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  1. Netcom
    19-07-2019 20:26
    Hi Tony

    I hope you are keeping well. I can't remember if it was you but I think you kindly sold me a set of TME decals for my 7 probably around 2004 IICRC? Anyway I will 'cut to the chase' and understand that you are the man with regards to vin no. info. I've just returned to the fold, having sold my 7 to my brother a number of years ago, and think I have buggered up and bought a clone! A lot of the bits say it's a 9 FQ360, all badges, carbon splitter/vortex, HKS hard pipe etc. but it was regsitered at the end of June 2005, nearly a year before the FQ360 launch! One of the old members on here tells me he thinks he knows where the cloning took place but won't say at present and suggests I do not add info to the forum as there could be legal issues! The vin no. is CT9A 0402689 vehicle reg. WX05 EGU. I know I have a cheek but would be very grateful if you can shed any light on the matter as I need some info for early next week in which to confirm it is not a 9 FQ360.

    Best wishes


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