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SVA round 2 Knockhill, what went wrong!

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Posted 26-05-2014 at 20:09 by [email protected] Imports

Below is a synopsis of what happened at Knockhill & is meant no way to be any form excuse

The team worked extremely hard over the 12 days prior to Knockhill going from a bare shell to a full functioning car by all managing on around 4 hours sleep a day

We always new it was a big risk taking an untested car to an event but time restraints meant we did not have this luxury

The car was finished at 12am on the Friday & we all got 4 hours sleep before the 11 hour drive to Knockhill & arriving in time for Garreth to do 4 laps in the car that evening & every thing seemed ok

The following morning we arrived at the track at 7am after the luxury of 7 hours sleep & the first problem occurred, the car would not start!

After an hour of diagnostics & head scratching we decided the problem was the E98 fuel we were using would not ignite in the cold damp Scottish weather , Garreth went on a 20 mile trip to get some V power while we drained the fuel from the car. When he returned with the fuel we put it in the car it started first time but unfortunately we missed the first session & Garreth had missed out on valuable seat time.

The next session was about Garreth settling in to the new car & getting a few laps in so we run the car on its lowest power setting & had no problems.

In qualifying we turned the power up & experienced a problem with the new waterless coolant we were using,we knew the latent heat capacity of the coolant was not as good as water but we thought this was out weighed by the fact it dose not boil until 190c & thus reduces hot spots in side the engine but the viscosity is much thicker than that of water & caused problems in the twin pass rear mounted rad we use which means though Garreth had put a time in qualifying by the time he came out of the hair pin temps had got over 110c & the ECU was taking timing out to back the engine off.

We flushed out the coolant & replaced with water & anti freeze before the final

In the final we chose to go out on slicks & managed to get to the front of the que as it just started to spit with rain. Garreth set off with good pace, he said the Mitchelin tyres we were using came on very quickly but then disaster struck , a seal failed on the steering rack engulfing the car in smoke, Garreth being the seasoned pro he is, pulled over & was towed in rather than cover the track with oil

We have learnt a lot from this weekend & will be making some adjustments to the car before testing at Brands & then out to Holland for round 3 of the Dutch Time attack at Assen
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