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How to program a new cobra key fob.

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Posted 03-02-2014 at 19:22 by Si B @ HEL

. [quote=MotoIntrest;4154492]first you need to set the remote into programming mode. hold both bottons until the light goes out. release and it will stay like this. dont touch it now.

make sure you have ALL touch/torpedo/black stick things and ALL remotes you want to program within reach and seperated from each other (makes life easier)

now follow the below

1. Ign on and off 3 times within 7 secs, the red LED will Illuminate
2. when LED goes out switch the Ing back on
3. count the flashes, when it reaches each digit of your pin code flick the Ign switch OFF and ON again.
4. do step 3 for ALL of your four pin code numbers, when you finish you should have Ign ON.

5. Now touch your touch/torpedo/black stick thing on the receptacle and the LED should stay on. you are now in programming mode.

6. press the large button on your fob, the LED should flash off then on again to say its been accepted. do this for all the fobs you have.

7. then do the same with the touch/torpedo/black stick things on the receptacle and agian you should get a confirmation flash.

8. switch Ign off and test. they should all work if not you went wrong somewhere :lol:

NOTE: if the light goes off on your Fob while you are carring out the sequence just press the large button once and it will spring back on.[/quote]
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