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remap question...

20-07-2005, 18:00
what sort of hp would i expect from a evo6 gsr with a uprated fuel pump full exhaust system and a ecutek remaped ecu and what is the most boost i can run reliably?

20-07-2005, 18:08
surely the company doing the work for you would offer the best advice.

what are you looking for from it??

something like good mid range or do you just want a nice big phat figure to tell all your pals in the pub at the weekend?

do you use it as an everyday car?

the std turbo aint much use past 1.6bar, 1.5 is prob the best (max held boost)

20-07-2005, 18:45
just in the process of buying an evo 6 and was just trying to get some idea of tuning without changing ecu's and turbos etc.

20-07-2005, 19:04
i'd recommend you get used to it in std form first (unless you have had hi power cars before)
even an increase of 50-70 bhp makes this a bit of a handful on the corners/wet.

mine is running approx 340bhp, this is quite a good difference over normal and i havent really felt the need to go further.

21-07-2005, 18:15
i used to have a 450bhp supra tt so a std evo is not exactly an adrenalin rush.

21-07-2005, 18:21
Originally posted by richy79
i used to have a 450bhp supra tt so a std evo is not exactly an adrenalin rush.

in that case you need a stroker kit and a bit fat turbo :D

i bet thatwas fun in the wet :eek:

21-07-2005, 20:26
not really lol, thats why i sold it.

it was fun in the dry but just plain daft in the wet as soon as second turbo came online it was like wrestling on crocodile, not really a car for our lovely britsh weather, but saying that you could still do a 90mph burnout in the dry. but i really miss wiping the smile off the faces of 100k+ ferrari owners faces when they get whooped by a 13k jap car. :D

02-05-2008, 17:39
hi lads just had me evo 6 remaped and only showing 1.4 bar of boost ive been told it should make 1.5 once remaped, ive got a blitz nur spec hks filter walbro fuel pump and a hks dump valve, hope u can help me please