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Dodgy Defi

Eight Speed
28-06-2005, 13:26
I have a defi BF Oil temp gauge in my 6 and it is playing about. When I switch the car on the needle just bounces about all over the place and usually resides at the top of the scale near the 150 degrees mark which I can assure you my car does not reach.

Anyone know whether this is the gauge, controller or sensor?


28-06-2005, 20:40
mine does the same thing, just shoot up like someones blow torching your oil. I moved the sensor to 't' off the oil pressure switch which seems to have helped.

Wouldn't surprise me if it something to do with the tiny connection that plugs into the back on the control unit II.

Interferance from other wiring could be another possibilty, not sure if the cable is sheilded