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Thumbs up to Blackspot (Roadangel)

Brian Carroll
17-06-2005, 23:55
Sent my Roadangel back to Blackspot for repair as it had started becoming unreliable with the camera database then started to not get satellite lock etc. etc. I had a real downer on Roadangels at that point, especially as I had a lifetime subscription for the thing! Anyway, I ring 'em up say can I send it back for repair, they say yes, I await phone call or letter telling me how much it'll cost and the thing turns up in the post obviously having been overhauled - no charge. My faith has been restored!

18-06-2005, 00:36
I have to say that their service is brilliant.

Brian Carroll
22-06-2005, 21:11
er....I spoke too soon, ****ing thing has packed up again so it's back off to Blackpot again!

22-06-2005, 21:19
I'm going to have to contact them soon too, 4 times recently I've driven 100+ miles in the sun without it ever getting a lock. Only problem is it's out of warranty :( I have a subscription though :confused:

Brian Carroll
22-06-2005, 21:22
Yeah that's exactly how mine started then just gave up completely. Mines a long way out of warrantly and they 'repaired' it with no charge. I'll see what they do this time. They just ask you send it back to them special delivery.

Brian Carroll
30-06-2005, 19:59
Tentative thumbs up again as they've sent it back after less than a week this time, obviously been to bits and it works once again. Still no charge. Fingers crossed it keeps working.

Dan Subaru
29-06-2006, 10:23
I have the same problem and mine is currently with Blackspot, looks like its a common problem :rolleyes: lets hope the customer service makes up for it...

29-06-2006, 16:22
My On/Off button and Zoom Button wouldn't work so I dropped into their office on my way past Silverstone to ask them what they would do about it.

After making me and the wife a coffee, they replaced it for a brand new unit free of charge.

Some time before this, I broke the suction mount when trying to remove the docking station. I emailed them to ask for the price of a replacement part, to which they replied 'Its in the post' - again free of charge.

Superb service form Blackspot as always.

Dan Subaru
06-07-2006, 16:09
Just had my classic RA returned from Blackspot, aparently the firmware was buggered, works fine now, even had a call from them explaining what they were doing, now thats customer service :cool:

THANKS BLACKSPOT !! - top guys