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OD button on a Pajero

E Holmes
08-06-2005, 21:24
Could anyone tell me if the Over drive button on my pajero is like having a fifth gear, it is a 1993 2.5td automatic. I have been told it has something to do with the four wheel drive system, but I am not convinced. Any help is appreciated.


Eck :coolsm:

09-06-2005, 17:24
Overdrive is equivalent to an extremely long extra gear, used to keep the revs down during motorway cruising and help fuel economy on long drives. If I remember correctly the term comes from them usually being long enough that the overall gear ratio is 1.0 or less (ie each revolution of the engine = 1 or more revolutions of the propshaft). For comparison the Evo's longest gear ratio is around 3.1 (in 6th on the 8 MR)

Easiest way to check is keep an ear out when getting onto a motorway with the overdrive engaged, you will probably notice an extra change into a 5th ratio once you have hit 70 and stopped accelerating.

While it may actually be something to do with the 4wd system (I'm not familiar with Shoguns at all), if it is, it shouldn't really be called an overdrive.

Explanation of overdrive from howstuffworks.com (http://auto.howstuffworks.com/automatic-transmission8.htm)