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Latest Security Devices

26-05-2005, 14:10
Anyone know what mitsi are fitting the new Evo's?

A guy that was at Castle combe last friday had a system with what I guess is a prox detector, he had like a credit card size piece of plastic, and if his car moved without that card it would alert an ARC, who would track the car and phone the owner to see if it was stolen.

Anyone know if these systems can be added to any car??

26-05-2005, 14:14
Originally posted by Richevo8
Anyone know if these systems can be added to any car??

Don't see why not. My old Clifford alarm had a proximity sensor and turbo timer on it. For me Mitsi just fitted some kak Cobra thing on my VIII.

26-05-2005, 14:21
yeah thats what I got some Cobra think its a 8186 something like that :(

my local dealer had one of there evo's stolen...they broke in and drove the car out in under 10 minutes :( shows how rubbish the standard alarm is :(

this new system looks good though..just wish I knew what it was called so I could look into getting one.

26-05-2005, 14:22
Pop down to your local ICE\Security people and they should be able to tell you.

26-05-2005, 21:56
NavTrak's ADR system has the credit card type thing as well.
Pretty good system, but expensive....

NavTrak (


27-05-2005, 13:07
Cheers for that steve,

that Navtrak systems sounds like it's the one that is fitted to new evo's

can anyone confirm this??


27-05-2005, 17:06

I can't see anything on the Navtrak web site that says it's fitted to Mitsi's as standard.
Normally they have a press release to indicate that for other cars, but maybe they thought better of publicising exactly what they put on the cars, if indeed they do...... :D


28-05-2005, 11:26
They're Trackstars fitted as an optional extra from the IX onwards. I have a copy of the IX 'brochure' in front to of me. The Navtrak system is indeed very good and I was just about to have one fitted, then the car was nicked.

Irony... :cry:

02-06-2005, 23:20
Is the trackstar not the tracker that is fitted to the 330 340's as standard and part of the smartnav system??