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bulbs ( i know i know )

21-03-2005, 19:22
i know its been done to death and YES i have used the search engine but can some one please tell me the bulb type i need i was told HB3 and got them only to find they only fit my main beam so anyone know what i need for for normal headlights i have a evo 7 fq and cant see sh*t :confused:

21-03-2005, 23:21
HB4 for dipped beam, HB3 as you have found, for main beam.

Try these, better than nothing, though to be honest, i'd go for a aftermarket HID set and to hell with it.

Powerbulbs (http://www.powerbulbs.co.uk/) and search for bulb type HB4, Philips Blue Vision 9006.


23-03-2005, 00:05
thanks matey
i knew some one would come thru :D