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Help with Evo VIII MR Audio Install

01-03-2005, 21:15
Can anyone give me some info on their self intstall of a head unit and four speakers in an EVO VII MR.

What I'm looking for is what harness to ISO adapter is needed, whether 6"/165/170mm speakers fit without adapter plates in the rear deck and front doors.

Also what depth of speakers will fit in the front doors.

Any other info such as what speakers, HU people recommend or thoughts on my chopice of the new Alpine CDA-9851R along with either two set of Infinity Refernce 6502I or Alpine SPS170A front and SPE-1702 rears.


03-03-2005, 17:16
Hi Mate, the holes in the doors and rear shelf are slightly larger than your standard holes for a 165/1700 speaker. You may be able to get them in with some carefull adjusting of thier position but an adaptor plate would be better - home made jobbie out of mdf will do nicely.
I have the infinitys in my doors and shelf and for the money they aint bad but be warned the acoustics of the evo are not great. I am told dynamat will help greatly.
You will need to drive the speakers hard to hear them so if you can, go for a speaker that can handle some power. Another thing to bear in mind is that the speaker wire pre installed is shocking which I have found to give any speakers you install a real harsh tinny tinge. I plan to run new cables to try and cure this.



Traction Man
07-03-2005, 16:35
I've just installed some Infinity 6500cs components in the front of mine. I made a 1/2 inch thick mdf adaptor plates to ensure that there's no fouling of the window mechanisms, and used quality phoenix gold cabling (although I'm running mine from an amp). Getting the wire through the trunking from the A pillar into the door was a ball ache, but the sound is very nice indeed, so well worth the hassle, IMO. The standard wire is like string, so no good for putting 100rms through.

13-03-2005, 21:54
I removed all of the passenger door fixings and lost my bottle on on the door handle bezel after some worrying cracks.

So I decided to pay the money and let someone else take the heat.

Did some digging on the the net and came up with the Car Audio Centre, got a cracking deal on the Alpine head unit (CDA-9831 for 250) not so sure of the speakers.

Lanzar VX630 fitted to the front doors seem weak on the bass, will ring and see what they suggest (PS it takes some time to set this head unit up - but the effort's worth it)

In the rear deck the "In Phase XT 62" seem to be able to hold their own.

So the question is will the car Audio Centre swop out the Lanzars for say another set of "In Phase XT 62" or perhaps Alpine SPR174A's.

Or should I go for two sets of SPR 174A's

Any thoughts greatly appreciated