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New Colt 3 door CZT with a blower

16-01-2005, 16:06
Does anyone know when the 1.5 litre turbo Colt is coming? I heard early Feb, but local dealer knows nothing (about anything including the Colt). CCC website has nothing.

My misses needs a new car very soon and I like the idea of a turbo-charged Mitsu for 12k ish!! :D

I cant find any info and it's annoying!

16-01-2005, 16:11

I cant believe they know nothing they should check there own site!

Try here


16-01-2005, 16:49
Thanx, I didnt know about the ipress site!

I hope it sells well, then there should be plenty of tuning goodies soon!

16-01-2005, 17:55
They had one on the Mitsubishi stand at Autosport. I think they said it was out in March. I saw some well known tuners given it a good look over too :). There was also talk of a 200bhp version at some point in the future.

16-01-2005, 19:33
Thanx Dave, I quite like that. Sort of Citroen Picasso meets Max-Power! :)

I read somewhere that an "Evolution Version" is on it's way!

So that will be an Evo 1, then?! :p

I wonder what the engine internals are based upon. I'm sure we could easily get 200bhp outta 1500cc with a re-map and zorst and stuff.

I'm gonna be waiting for a test drive!

17-01-2005, 19:33
Its the same 1.5 engine that the Colt Sport uses , and also the Smart ForFour. Incidentally how come the Smart ForFour Brabus is going to be 180BHP and not 150 like the Colt?? Mind you they do reckon its going to cost between 16-18K , so its gonna be a dear 30 brake!