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02-09-2015, 19:28
Hello everyone I want to ask what people what would you fit on your car.

I had someone dodgy last night see me working on my car and my girlfriend who was holding the light at the time saw them looking and the car was full up, it was a BMW 1 series in silver, I didn't think nothing off it at the time so just finished doing what I was doing and got in the car to go to the shops.

Just as I pulled off I see a car bomb up my arse and followed me down the road, I didn't go straight to the shop and decided to turn down a road before. My girlfriend was watching them and saw them stop and turn around and come back to the road I went down which I was just sitting down waiting for them to go, they came past me a beeped there horn and as they went past a little way up the road they slowed down again then they went, probably trying to get me to chase after them.

After that I decided to drive round the area to see if we could find them but they had disappeared. I'm just worried as they see where the car is parked but then again the car has the standard alarm on it as well as the cobra alarm and a immobiliser and a steering lock and also from the house the car is watched by CCTV.

If they try and take it they will be stupid but I just wanted to know your thoughts and what would you do?

Not worry and think it was just a few lads admiring the car or get a tracker or something fitted.

Thanks Chris