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Show me your 7/8/9 Double DIN stereo

26-07-2015, 19:11
I'm looking to fit a double DIN stereo in the near future. Any tips, pitfalls etc to look out for?
Did you keep the original radio surround or buy a replacement facia such as THIS (
Is it better to use a fitting cage or the mitsubishi stereo brackets? (I currently don't have either)
I've been searching the forum but there is not a great deal of info.

27-07-2015, 11:26
I fitted a double din system on Saturday and had to make a few modifications to the surround, Had to cut about 5-7mm off the top and about 2mm on 1 side. i'll take a few pictures this evening and show you finished results. The kit depends on how flush you want the unit and if your bothered doing some DIY. cutting, sanding and re-spray -on the standard fascia the cage sits out about 2 mm and i wasn't happy it seeing it so re-sprayed it. Never used the kit so not sure if it'll do the job.

27-07-2015, 12:15
Thanks mate. Look forward to seeing the photos :-)
So did you just keep and modify the original radio surround. Did you respray the facia or the cage?
I would like the stereo to sit flush if possible. i don't mind it it sticks out slightly but I have seen some that have about a 3mm gap between the stereo front panel and the facia and you can see the cage.

27-07-2015, 14:42

Yes I modified the original fascia, I sprayed the surround with the cage fitted. I did it so the bottom of the stereo surround sits flush and as it gets to the top it slightly comes out by about 3-4 mm, but the stereo surround covers minor irregularities. I'm happy with my mod as once it's in, secure and blends in I was happy.

Line up your caging to the bottom of the fascia and then on the inside of the surround mark the top edge, one side will need about 2-3 mm sanded off. To cut the top I used a fixed Stanley knife and marked the line and just cut it deeper with each stroke. Used a mole grip to gently snap 10mm of the plastic on the marked line. Once the strip was loose I did a final cut with the knife. It's tempting to snap in one go but then you risk crack where you don't want them similar to how you would snap a tile.


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27-07-2015, 15:51
Cheers Nas. I was hoping to get it sitting flush. May have to look into the adaptor facia or possibly brackets

Tony Turbo
27-07-2015, 17:04
Didn't I help you with this before? ;)

27-07-2015, 18:40
Yeah cheers Tony. I have now got round to ordering the stereo so was hoping to get a few more replies/options than last time.
Is you're radio surround a standard one (all the ones I have seen are smooth and yours looks like it is patterened)

Tony Turbo
27-07-2015, 19:03
No probs man :)

Yeah mine is/ was the standard one that didn't need any modding. That was my point in the last thread. But you need to buy the radio brackets from Mitsubishi to hold the double din the way I did it so it is flush. I spent longer messing about with it to retain the OE fascia.

27-07-2015, 19:10
I definitely prefer the original facia to the aftermarket one. I think I will try the brackets first. I dont have an original stereo so will have to get brackets. Sure I read that Camskill do them for around 17 (cheaper than the 'connects 2' and autoleads facias.)
I will do a write up when I fit it.

Tony Turbo
27-07-2015, 19:32
Yeah that's the ones, I think they were 15 from my local dealer. I mounted it in the lower section so you might need to get yourself some of those clips with a thread in it to take a bolt. I don't know the technical name. See how you get on first.

28-07-2015, 12:19

That looks like a really bad fit :blah:

Just use the adapter kit - double din will fit properly, and it's matches the dash inserts better imo.

29-07-2015, 08:15
I'm happy with it so its all good in the hood. The post title says show me your double din so I did. If my fit really bothers you your welcome to buy the kit and fit it for me [emoji3]

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04-08-2015, 13:40
Just a wee update. My old single DIN radio was held in a cage fitted to the original facia. I removed the facia and was pleasantly surprised to find that whoever removed the original stereo refitted the brackets.
I slightly modified the brackets and fitted them to my new double DIN.
Here is the result. Pretty much the same as Tony.
I may tweak it a bit just to fill the small gap between the facia and stereo but overall pretty happy with it.

Tony Turbo
04-08-2015, 18:25
Looks sweet and very OE :cool: