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Wiring twin 044 pumps

25-07-2015, 11:38
Wiring up the twin 044 pumps in the TME and have been looking at current draw and wire size http://www.wecoconnectors.com/data_source/fichiers/wire_size_specifications.pdf apparently an 044 uses about 18amps max ? this would put it in the 2.1-3.3mm2 range, Narva cabling does a 5mm 2.9mm2 (25amp) or a 6mm 4.58mm2 (50amp), the pumps are at the rear so about 3m max so will be marginal current drop, 5mm or 6mm to each pump ?

25-07-2015, 12:05
Use 2 * 18g (awg) with the right insulation they are rated at 9A ea at 100degC (11A ea at 80degC)

25-07-2015, 12:51
Thanks Grants 18awg is .82mm2 rated at 7amps, is this OK ?