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Evo 6 electrical gremlin

25-06-2015, 00:15
Hi everyone,
Long story short is my indicators stopped working correctly last wednesday so we had the car in bits trying to figure out the issue and have narrowed it down to it being the hazard relay at fault. Whilst having the steering column plastics off we where messing with the indicator stalk when suddenly the drivers side power fold mirror just decided to fold in and blow smoke out the black mirror switch. Then we pulled that out and the connector was hot to touch, strangest thing is the power fold mirrors never worked when i bought the car 9 months ago lol. Anyways I bought a second hand switch so i could get the mirror back out which has now worked but the swich and connector part is still getting hot and i have no idea if this could be linked to the indicator fault. Just to mention that the passenger mirror didnt even try to fold in when it happened but the switch still operates both sides to move the mirror glass. I have left the switch unplugged now so it doesnt go up in smoke but nothing else electrical in the car seems affected by any of this

any help would be great before i need to contact a car electrician