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Help with instrument faces

28-05-2015, 15:05
Hi, I have a faulty fuel gauge. I have a replacement but I need to change the face over (as I have the black TME faces. I have the unit out of the car but I cant fig out how to remove the needle so I can take the face off.

Any advice?

11-06-2015, 21:13
any1? I dont want to brake the face by mistake.

12-06-2015, 01:01
Gently prise upwards with a couple of flexible, plastic rulers.

12-06-2015, 05:52
I found the best thing for it was 2 teaspoons and prise upwards. Was a skoosh after that!

12-06-2015, 09:33
I bet you didn't put a bit of masking tape on the dial face and mark where your fuel level was?

You have to do this as when you refit the temp and fuel gauge needles, they need to be put back on with ign on, for fuel gauge.

Engine up to temp then ign on also for temp gauge.



12-06-2015, 13:00
Gotta admit it took a few attempts after after for me to get my temp gauge sitting back in the middle lol