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Suspect Ignition Issue / Coils

24-05-2015, 16:26
Good Afternoon Folks,

Got a 2010 Lancer Ralliart GSR

Had plugs changed recently as a routine along with oil.

Occasionally getting a misfire, trouble starting.
Once started it is ok.

Checked all the plugs, gives me the impression they are working fine, from the colour and distribution of combustion products around the plug tip.
The MIL light is NOT on.
A laptop with a Generic fault-code reader connected and no stored or active codes found.

Have done a resistance check of all the coils and all coils giving similar readings both on the primary side and secondary side.

Item code is: H6T11411 8Z02, all four are the same.

Any suggestions/comments on the above ?
If not, any ideas where I can purchase replacements from (other than Mitsubishi who are silly expensive and also no dealer in Norfolk now)

Many thanks