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Electric window programming?

21-04-2015, 12:22
Hi all,

The drivers side window seems to have lost the programming for the one touch/anti pinch. When the glass reaches the top it then goes back down half way.

Anybody know how you programme/reset this?


21-04-2015, 13:25
I'm not sure if I've done it on mine yet, but I must have as I've had the battery off a few times.

The normal method for most cars is to lower the window using the first position on the switch until it reaches the bottom. then push the switch all the way down for about ten seconds.

Then you raise it to the top using the first position up until it reaches the top and then up to the second position and hold for ten.

You may have to adjust this method slightly, for example holding it at the first position (instead of the second position) for ten seconds at the limits or holding it on the second position for both parts of the procedure.