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custom simplified car/race loom

19-04-2015, 22:15
I have removed so much stuff from my gsr in stripping in out that i've now got unused multi plugs and cables everywhere :(

So i want to know if there is a sensibly priced option for getting a new car and engine loom made up?

Car is now missing:
All Ayc
All Abs
All airbags
Front seat belt inertia things
Heater blower inc Air con system
Heated rear window
Rear wiper motor inc washer spray
All stereo and speakers
Boot brake light
front fogs

so should be able to get a nice and simple set of looms hopefully made up.

If not it will be me sourcing a whole set of looms and spending hours in the garden with a wiring diagram and side cutters :'(

20-04-2015, 00:23
I cut all those wires out of mine. Still probably alot more can go, but its free. I actually quite enjoyed doing it, just a section at a time.

20-04-2015, 13:06
Im worried about removing the loom, stripping everything from it. Then refitting it and nothing working :(