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Battery relocation to spare wheel well E7-9?

19-04-2015, 20:41
Anyone done the above?? Want to keep the boot looking tidy so wanted to relocate battery to the wheel well instead, and didn't really want to cut up my ralliart boot matt.

Anyone got any pics if you've done it please? :)


20-04-2015, 20:42
anyone ? :)

20-04-2015, 21:03
The wheel well is not deep enough to sit the battery in without having a bump in your boot carpet.

Never seen it place in the wheel well before.

20-04-2015, 21:07
I've seen one, but it was held in with a custom bracket and straps. They used an Optima battery mounted on its side, but was the larger one so sat as you said a little too high.
Just was hoping if anyone else had done it for other ideas