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Evo VI washer fluid pump blues

13-04-2015, 05:49
Okay so as the title says, I'm having a wrestle with my front washer fluid pump. Search and google have shown me nothing.

My ENTIRE washer system works perfect (no wipers sticking on, etc) apart from the front pump not getting power. I've applied 12V directly to the pump and it works so that's not the issue. I've check ground through the plug on the pump and the ground is fine. basically it is not getting power. I've been studying the wiring diagram for it and the only thing I can think of is the "windshield washer switch" which seems to be located in the "column switch" (B-81).

Any ideas where this switch physically is on the vehicle and where if possible I could obtain a replacement to see if that's the issue.? I'm running out of time as the snow is melting and with that comes the muck that constantly sprays the windscreen from the vehicle In front of you. Below is the page I've been referencing. PLEASE HELP.


13-04-2015, 08:02
Mother of christ do I ever feel like an idiot for posting this....