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buyers info needed (Gallant)

28-06-2004, 20:29
any one out there that can supply info on this model, 2.5v6 sport xreg,manual.I`m thinking of buying one but don`t know much about these cars. prices, problems,service costs,etc.Any info appreciated,many thanx Dave. :help:

28-06-2004, 21:38
Hi there
I used to own a V6 Galant (not sport) so I could make a few comments. First thing to listen for is a tapping from the top of the engine , this is worn lash adjusters and there are 24 on the V6 to be replaced. It wont harm the engine i dont think but it makes the car sound like a rattly bag o ***** , and that cant be good. :p

You'll find that Galants are generally well built , if theres rust anywhere then it will be on the rear arches , thats where mine was just starting to go (97 on a P mine was) The interior should be squeak and rattle free , and all the electrics should work. Check the tyres for wear as they are 215-45-17s and they are quite costly (i have the same wheels on my evo!) Make sure that any body kit parts are undamaged as they cost a mint to replace , and check the front of the car for stonechips too , as due to the shape of the 8G Galant it is bad for them. As for prices I'm not too sure on that score , tell me what the one you are looking at is up for.

Any more help try a google search for Club VR4 website as they have plenty of members with non VR4 Galants on there that would be willing to help you.

Hope this helps


28-06-2004, 21:54
thanks for the info Duncan,the cars a 2001 xreg full mitsi s/h,73,000 miles all the kit etc...... 6000 from a trader,does this sound to cheap to you? he said its worth 7000ish but wants a quick sale

nick mann
04-07-2004, 15:37
Cheers for the plug, Dmac!

Price looks okay - check the autotrader website for confirmation.

As said above, go and have a look at, as there are galant owners of all sorts on there, including many with the V6-24. One point of interest - the galant currently has a recall on the front suspension - lower ball joint. If there is any play in it you should get a free replacement.